About being Smarter and using Materials to better Manage Stormwater.

Why Permeable Systems?

The City of Calgary and most developers are now encouraging new builds to move away from concrete and into permeable systems to allow the ground to absorb excess moisture as it would normally do.

Permeable essentially create open aggregate basins for rain and surface water to spill into the immediate ground and not end up in storm system and create issues during potential flood events.

The abundance of impervious concrete and asphalt blanketing our neighborhoods has outpaced our stormwater management systems capabilities. This not only creates breeding grounds for dangerous floods, but it also allows for contaminated runoff to flow into our natural waterways.

permeable pavers
Permeable Driveway
Permeable Patio

Why install an Open Aggregate Base?

With the increasing demand for permeable solutions, an open aggregate base provides just that for businesses and homeowners alike. It is extremely versatile and provides so many benefits. It will save time and money, and that is what home and business owner want.

Allowing any water that penetrates through your stone and polymeric sand to permeate through your base is the best way in ensuring the freeze and thaw cycle. With such a harsh winter here in Alberta, we need to do everything we can to make sure that your patios, driveways and walkways will be able to withstand the winters.

The open aggregate base is designed to do just that as water permeates right through the base instead of the traditional base where the fine base hold on to the water for longer periods of time. In the winter, this water expands with the freezing causing the heaving of a hardscape project. With no water being held by the open aggregate base, you project will experience little to no heaving in the winter months.

With such a high compaction rate, it makes for a much easier installation of the base and leveling layer. We can lay more per lifts before compaction, which will save you one or two lifts depending on how deep you install your base.

In addition, there is no mess if it rains and less to clean up. Open aggregate base materials are much easier to work with from an installation perspective which makes them the perfect material.

In a traditional base project with fines and sand as a bedding layer, washout occurs and is inevitable. Especially in raised patio installations, there will definitely be washout occurring through the retaining wall of your raised patio. This washout will lead to a sinking of your patio. Open aggregate base materials are too large to washout.

Insects love the fines in a traditional base installation. However, in an open agregate base system they are less likely to be burrowing through it as the stones are too large for them. In addition, weeds are less likely to establish roots in these aggregates and are much easier to pull out if they do.

How do costs compare with other base systems?

The cost of open aggregate base system is a plus, especially compared with traditional materials. Both short-term and long-term budgets can benefit from using an open aggregate system.